Four-piston brakes debuts in Shimano's most economical range

The advanced 12-speed XTR M9100 group has eclipsed many other novelties introduced by Shimano in its 2019 catalogue, including a new four-piston brake set designed to satisfy the mid- and low-range market. The Shimano MT520 calipers are presented as the powerful option of the MT500, introducing a new design of four pistons to be supplied with the MT501 set of levers.

At TodoMountainBike: Four-piston brakes debuts in Shimano's most economical range
Shimano MT501, the most economical four-piston brakes from the manufacturer.

Available in black only, Shimano's most economical four-piston brakes will reach stores in the coming months. According to the specifications published by the manufacturer, the calipers are compatible with the D01S (resin) and D02S (metal) brake pads, the same that are mounted on the Shimano Saint brakes, and with the Center Lock RT70 discs. The price? €83 per wheel for a pre-assembled kit that includes MT520 caliper, MT501 lever, two D01S resin pads, a 1 meter long hose and screws.